Creation & Science Ministries

Genesis – Ministry in Sweden

Global Flood – Unveiling the mechanism behind the Genesis Flood

Evidence and Reasons

Creation Ministries International

BioCosmos – Ministry in Norway

Creation Ministry of Dr. Kent Hovind and friends

Science Journals and Articles

Scientific peer-reviewed articles supporting or at least allowing the Creation-paradigm; regardless if the authors are an believer in ID and/or Creation-Paradigm.
Will add more scientific peer-reviewed articles here to read eventually.

Creation-paradigm peer-reviewed research Journals

Creation Research Society

Answers Research Journal

Journal of Creation

Learn Observational Science

Khan Academy

Khanacademy is a great resource for learning observational science for all levels and ages: i.e. mathematics, electronics, physics, organic-chemistry, chemistry, biology etc. Their quality is better than many university-educations; in fact self-study is in many ways much more effective than learning in a tradionational teaching black-board setting.
However they may have biology-videos that solely advocate the macro-evolution theory, we have emailed them to also mention the Creation-Paradigm and/or Intelligent Design as a viable alternate world-view.