Welcome to this channel, ministry and forum, dealing with the belief and advocacy of the notion and paradigm that God created the world very good.
   The material presented is merely inspiration to truth from scripture and observations from historical science, but some is also speculation that one cannot now for sure, however it is a sincere attempt of charting or coming closer to the truth.
   Hence the blogs here is not primarily meant to be in a scientific journal format, so we refer also to Journals and Videos for more thorough work on the credibility of the creation-paradigm.

Do you endeavour to trust what the Bible is telling about the world around us. Join the community of beliving Christians that believe that God iniatially created the world very good, without death or suffering. To unravel the truthfulness of our claim that True Science and the Christian Faith are compatible. That todays macro-evolution of millions of years of death and suffering is a not proven and incomplete paradigm.

This ministry is also about reaching the lost, sanctification and preaching against worldly sin.

This channel is a common forum, for everyone wanting to understand the world, through the light of Genesis, regardless of previous education or experience, we are all learning every-day, and are all capable to fathom Gods creation and wonder.
There is not really such thing as a scientist, no-one can know everything, and we need communities to lead us in the right direction on what is truth.
Science entails a multitude of disciplines. One may specialise in some areas, but we are all different, and can provide different perspectives to the whole puzzle.

God has given us the ability to learn and utilise knowledge in different areas to better handle and understand the world around us.
And to serve God foremost in whatever we do, to make a better world, fundamental science, history, engineering, health-care, teaching, human-care, volonteering, service or any other work - all work made with love is noble.

God bless you friend!

Check regularly for new content. This channel is constantly but slowly "evolving", that is this particular "kind" of site becoming more adapted to its environment; but not primordial soup turning into an elephant :)


Anyone is welcome to contact, for any enquiry eg faith and salvation, or world-view related questions, but understand that it may be some delay with replies, due to other work.
God Bless you friend!